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News. Nos dernières créations botaniques hybrides

pour la nouvelle revue du vin vu par l'art et la littérature  DÉCANTÉ. Voir notre galerie.

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about us

Aude Commissaire borned in Paris and Franck Rey borned in Provence, met during the changeover

century. They swing their life between Paris, their city of mind, very close to the Buttes Chaumont,

and their land of heart: an Orangery in the south of Ardèche, which since 2011 has become

the epicenter of their passion for "Vegetal Art".

The Orangery has allowed them over the years and seasons to maintain an intimate relationship with

virgin nature, with the poetry of light, to converse with silence, and to sharpen their knowledge

of the unnoticed trough their picking.

Pick up the fragile, harvesting the beautiful according to their walks and wanderings, give it back

its central place to our lives, such is their quest. The strength of the fragile, that one

even that Aude and Franck reveal to us through their polymorphic creations, installations and

four handed compositions , mixing plants, contemporary materials, poetry, clay modeling,

soliflores, and photographies.

Both grew up in the melting pot of art direction, design, writing, then became creative directors

in Parisian and international agencies. They sharpened their vision on major brands in the world

of premium and luxury.

They have been multi-awarded in France and abroad.

Since their meeting, both have formed a duetto around art direction, drawing, writing, photography and poetry. They added modeling, installations, botanical sculpture.

Franck is a self-taught enthusiast, Aude comes from École Boule and École Estienne.

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Photo. Mathieu Garçon

at orangery

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The light and the silence are our guide, they inspire us to contemplate. The Orangery is our photo studio, our gallery, our atelier, the crucible of our botanical collections. It is the epicentre of slow art. At the Orangerie, inside and outside merge. It watches over those who stay there, sheltered by hundred-year-old box trees, under the protection of benevolent acanthus and solar annua lunaria. 

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