L ’Air du Bô is a bespoke creation studio dedicated to luxury and beautiful.

Led by a duet composed to life as to the stage by Aude Commissaire and Franck Rey.

Both grew up in the melting pot of art direction, design, writing, and 360 ° architectures, then became creative directors in famous Parisian’s agencies and international ones like JWT, Publicis, DDB, Ogilvy, Springer & Jacoby, Saatchi.They sharpened their vision on major brands in the world of premium and luxury.

They have been awarded several prizes at Cannes in France and abroad in all the festivals.

Franck Rey was a Jury member at the Cannes 

Today they dedicate themselves to multiple collaborations with maisons from the world of Luxury, agencies, agents and various artists and talents.

Since their encounter, both have formed a duetto around drawing, writing, photography, scenography, and poetry through Air de L’Ô, their botanical art label 

Franck is an enthusiastic self-taught of the pen and art direction, and was trained in series script writing at the John Truby Masterclass (HBO).

Aude has been gratuated from the École Boule and the École Estienne and is an illustrator :


Ours Collabs:

Puig - Louboutin Parfums - Alpange - Antares -Dior - Waldorf Astoria - Vacheron Constantin - Mercedez-Benz - Nissan - Jeep - Guerlain - Repetto  Dom Pérignon - Laurent Perrier - Mum - Ballantines - Jack Daniels - L’Occitane - Perrier - Armani Diesel - Tommy Hilfiger - Joop - Célio - Galeries Lafayette - RougeGorge lingerie - Longchamp - Coca Cola - BHV - Biafine - Neutrogena - Nivea - Swatch - TF1 - Le Monde - Amnesty internationale - Netflix - Noir Paris.

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